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FAQ --- .NET Website Hosting

  1. Is Domain registration included in Setup fee?
  2. CNG's CCP (Customer Control Panel)?
  3. Recommended Products to develop a site
  4. Storage?
  5. Network Traffic (Bandwidth)?

  6. Access to raw Log-Files?
  7. Daily statistical analysis?
  8. Java™, JavaScript, Perl, C, C++, SSI & PHP?
  9. CGI execution capabilities?
  10. Site / Code Debugging?

  11. Secure Socket Layer (SSL)?
  12. Merchant payment authorization and capture?
  13. SQL 2005 / 2008 Database access?
  14. Daily backup?
  15. UPS, battery backup?



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All CNG customers have access to a tool called . The panels can be used to manage just about any aspect of your hosted web-site / account. In addition to managing your accounts, CCP has also a comprehensive help interface.

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Developing a website can be done with a text-editor such as Notepad or extremly sophisticated "Integrated Development Tools" IDE's), such as MS's Visual Studio Professional.
What sets various development tools apart is often the ease of developing (i.e. designing and implementing) special web-site and web-page features, such as content-management or database access, as well as security features on the client and the server. These spaecial features can be dramatically different for a given project.
CNG Internet can not suggest one tool over another tool.

We recommned you give us a call if you have specific questions regarding YOUR web-site.

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The disk-space allocation we provide for a specific web-site hosting plan reflects what we have seen, over a number of years, to be adequate for "standard" sites.
But indeed, you may need additional disk-space. If so, you would either pay a small monthly additioanl fee for the month that your space requirements exceeds Plan allowance, or you may upgrade your Plan if the need for more space is on a continue basis.

You may need additional disk-space because:
- you keep multiple version of your website online,
- heavy file-uploads,
- implement a "site-dependant" databases such as Microsoft ACCESS,
- run a website that deals with (large) e-mail attachments such as a PowerPoint presentation,
- etc.

Use CCP (Customer Control Panel) to keep track of your space allowance and space utilization. Space used in excess of allowed will be charged a monthly fee during the month the allowable space is exceeded. As you approach your disk storage limit(s), we will send you a system-generated e-mail alerting you to the fact.

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Network traffic is generated by a request for one of your web-pages, a file upload / download, the transmission of a picture, etc. The Bandwidth allocation we make for the variuos web-hosting Plans reflect what we have seen, over a number of years, to be adequate for "standard" sites.

Use CCP (CNG's Customer Control Panel) to keep track of your bandwidth allowance and bandwidth utilization. Bandwidth used in excess of allowable will be charged a monthly fee during the month the allowable bandwidth is exceeded. As you approach your disk storage limit(s), we will send you a system-generated e-mail alerting you to the fact.

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Using your CCP (CNG's Customer Control Panel) panel, you can have access to hosting log-files, as well as some system log files. You may download these files on a daily / weekly basis, or just print the various files as needed.

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Statistics about the "traffic" to your site is of utmost importance and often the only means of "seeing" who your web-sites visitors are. We provide a number of daily statistical reports that you can access through your CCP (CNG's Customer Control Panel). These reports can be downloaded, or just printed.

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These are some of the more common languages we fully support. In those cases where certain language extensions could introduce security risks we work with your developer to find the best solution possible.

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We allow CGI script execution. If you need to set certain file/directory permissions, you will need the appropriate CCP (CNG's Customer Control Panel) account permissions. In case of questions about execution-authority, call our technical help-desk. Sorry, we can not help you in debugging any CGI scripts. statements.

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For a small one-time fee we will allow you to test and debug your site / code for one month on our server.

Your site will be moved to one of our backup servers. A number of debugging tools will also be installed on your site (directory), including CodeView, Dr. Watson, and Black Ice. Memory dumps (from your execution thread) as well as certain system error messages will be directed to your site (directory) for (FTP) downloads. Since your site / code will still run behind a proxy server and firewall certain system calls will be disabled, such as "snoopers" that leave your thread, direct memory I/O, and disk I/O's outside your directory. Our technical staff will help you to set up the test environment.

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Supported. SSL software, installed on all our servers, allows you to encrypt information such as account info, file name/location, credit card numbers or other confidential information. This encryption will make it nearly impossible to intercept the protected data during transmissions. Software that uses SSL layers greatly increases customer trust when using, and buying from your site.

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We cannot process your payments through our Merchant Banking Account. We will aid you in setting up a SECURE payment system on your web-site, including Certificate setup. A number of functions needed to manage your Merchant Account software / Certificate can be found on your CCP (CNG's Customer Control Panel).

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You may upgrade your website hosting Plan to include SQL Database access.

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Yes. Your website is backed up nightly (~2:00 AM). The backup is kept "online" for 4 weeks.
On the last day of a month your website is backed up to a CD. The CD is saved for a year.
Restoring from the "online" backup server is via the CCP (Customer Control Panel). Restoring from the CD is via a verified request, and includes a small one-time fee per restore request.

You may also establish your own backup restore process, again via the CCP. This option is for free.

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Our servers are protected against power failures and power brownouts by a set of UPS systems. This assures that even during power blackouts, all systems, including all network components, web-servers, DNS servers and e-mail servers are up and running.

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