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-- Teams that Collaborate --


     Microsoft SharePoint 2010, today's leading Business Process solution, delivers reliable, scalable, next-generation workflow software and processes for businesses of all sizes.


     CNG Internet developed an expertise in Collaboration by 'doing' it ourselves first. Collaboration is all about getting things done by providing a platform of sharing of data, information, and resources.

Sharing facilitates working together in teams, in 'business-communities' that have your people and suppliers, and customers work together, and finally, Sharing information in people-driven processes.

As a result, things get done better, and faster. Time IS money.

CNG Internet implements SharePoint Collaboration by way of delivering:

  1. a hosted SharePoint 2010 environment
  2. managed hosting of SharePoint Templates
  3. integration with your existing processes, i.e. Office 2007 / 2010
  4. connectivity to SQL 2008 databases
  5. connectivity and integration with Social Computing Tools
  6. Enterprise Content and Document management
  7. Enterprise level document content Searches


     CNG Internet developed an expertise in 'processing the process', and solving the problem of Workflow Automation. In todays business environment, understanding where the 'process' stalls, where a signature stops a flow for costly hours, or where another slooow process stops all other processes dead in their track is ESENTIAL. Time IS money.

CNG Internet defines a SharePoint supported workflow as:

An effective worflow automation is defined as a process tool that provides measurable value to your company, by
  1. streamlining and automating key tasks
  2. providing reduced cost execution
  3. and increased efficiency of bisiness processes


     Building on our website hosting experiences from the last 10+ years, implementing Microsofts Sharepoint 2010 Portal capabilities are a natural extension of what we have been doing for a long time.

In essence, SharePoint portals are websites that connect people to business-critical information, connect people to business expertise and knowledge, and connects people to distributed applications such as Microsoft's Office 2007 / 2010.

CNG Internet implements a SharePoint Portal to:
  1. Connect your people to Information and Expertice
  2. Connect your people to Key Business Applications
  3. Connect your people to personalized, role-specific business-critical Resources
  4. .. allow your people timely access to, and sharing of, critical information

After all, Time IS Money.

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