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Basic Server Management Package

that add value to Dedicated Server Hosting.

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Typically, our customers contract for managed, dedicated server solutions with specific 'projects' in mind, like a new high-performce web-site, extending a competive Intranet SharePoint environment, implementing a new regulatory MS Exchange based eMail solution, or a secure and highly available business continuation solution.
Although hardware and network are part of the solution, a predictive service solution will make for a sucessful implementation. CNG Internet designed the Service component for Managed Hosted Server around Business Objectives:
  • Business solutions that incorporate messsages, i.e. MS Exchange
  • Business solutions that incorporate documents, i.e. MS SharePoint
  • Business solutions that incorporate reams of data, i.e. MS SQL Databases
  • Uptime, i.e. dual power, dual Internet Backbones, onsite staff
  • Secure, firewall protected systems and network
  • 24/7 managed, not just monitored, by experts
  • Remotely reachable, via SSL, and excryption

The table is rather detailed, and shows the depth and breath of the service objects we at CNG Internet can deliver.

OS Upgrade, Service Packs Applying all required Windows Service Packs. Any downtime (reboot) will be scheduled. All Service Packs will be tested before applied.
OS Security Patches Applying all required Windows security patches. Any downtime (reboot) will be scheduled. All upgrades and patches will be tested before applied.
OS Fine-Tuning CNG Internet will fine-tune memory usage, boot-parameters, backgroud / foregroud service priorities, system and network load-balancing, and disk performance (fragmentation)
Application Service Packs, Upgrades and security Patches A number of "major" applications, say Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, Office Manager, IAS, etc undergo periodic Service Pack upgrades, and / or other patches. We will, after testing, apply to indicated applications Service Packs / upgrades.
Managed Weekly System Files Backup We will backup all System Files, Active Directory files, SID files, and any directory / files you indicate to us. The backups will be on CD's, in a 4-week rotation.
Managed Disks, Files Restore We will restore System Files, Active Directory files, SID files, and any directory / files you indicate in writing (secure e-Mail) to us. The backups will be from CD's created during a 4-week rotation.
File Integrity Checks, Nightly A set of procedures processed every night against covered servers will check for disk-errors, broken-link chains, and bad sectors. Reports will be e-mailed to you.
SSL Certificate Installation We wil install and manage security certificates; either IIS or Windows System based.
Code Support, .NET We will manage all releases of Framework, apply to the system or indicated "web-sites", and assure that required DLL's are properly installed. We will update any web / system .config files required.
24/7 Emergency Support via a LONER SERVER We will work with you to correct major system problems, and have a loner server standing by if needed.
MOM 2005, OpsMgr 2007 Support We support both monitors, including MOM and OpsMgr. Although MOM is phased out, not all management packs have been upgraded from MOM. Top-level MOM / OpsMgr reports will be e-Mailed to you.
Server Security Vulnerability Checks A number of processes are used to "test" a covered server. This includes port scanes, open file /printer share scans, firewall performance, Active Directory security, DNS poisening, and a number of additional periodic scans. You will receive reports via e-mail.
RAID array management Covers management of RAID arrays where indeed HIGH AVAILABILITY is of utmost importance. Our management covers Controller Configuration, Cache Configuration, Failover, BIOS, Array Configuration, Physical Drive Management, Logical Drive Management, and SCSI Channel Management
Enterprise Level Data Migration This level of data migration goes way beyond "copy data". It calls upon some of our software to migrate data from several sources (ie departments, vendors, branches); consistancy checking, recreation of indexes and keys, reformating of data, and consolidating data as per your design and or system rules an / or policies.
Alert Test-Pings A suite of CNG Internet software reports about "pinging" server hardware (ports) as well as web-sites and applications that reside on these servers. The ping results can be found on a live web-site as well as being e-mailed nightly to you.
MS ISA 2006 Firewall Install We will install a member of our ISA cluster on a covered server, and manage certain ISA firewall rules as per your request. This will allow to implement more strict firewall rules.
MS ISA 2006 Web-Proxy Install We will install a member of our ISA cluster on a covered server, and manage certain ISA web-proxy rules as per your request. This will allow to define web-site caching algorithm just as YOU needed them.
Cluster Install, Management We advice / consult with you on cluster installation, and cluster management. Depending on the Windows version (2003, 2008), and cluster configuration (2-node, 4-node) as well as cluster performance, passive-active, etc, cluster install and management is an arcane art that we have mastered because we had to.
DDoS Mitigation Management This is more of an advisory task; as we monitor your system, we may see certain weak processes and / or conditions that in our experince leaves your system open for DDoS attacks. Our firewall in general only scans for bad traffic, and can not scan the "payload" in a packet. More recently, a number of DDoS attacks have been reported against application, with perfectly normal traffic. SQL injection, scan of your e-mail for the letter "{", once every minute.
NAS - Network Attached Storage Management This management service starts with a tailored files-distribution policy for all NAS devices; adds Global Namespace policy, and assures that all NAS devices are load-balanced. We also will implement the proper in-band or out-of-band device distribution processes. Monthly reports to you will serve as guides for NAS growth.
SAN - Storage Area Network Management CNG Internet will manage all SAN devices for you. This will center around storage consolidation (ie offload storage demands from server disks), as well as load-distribution of managed SAN devices. (including deices such as fiber channel switches, storage subsystems, tape libraries, servers etc)
Internal / External DNS Management DNS management is part of our "System Plan" Managed Server offerings. This recognizes that DNS is just about at the core of every Distributed System alive; be it Web-Sites, e-Mail, Exchange, SharePoint, Distributes Databases, etc, etc. We will manage Primary and Secondary DNS's, care about DNS security, Load-Balancing, uptime, and DNS caching. All this to be able to work with DNS servers that perform at peak, all the time.
Service Packs will be applied from our WSUS (Windows Software Update Services) server; avoiding exposure to the Internet.


Name of Service Plan Complexity Service Management Fee
10 - Managed Services, per Hosted Server Basic $45.00 monthly
$480.00 yearly
11 - Managed Services, per Hosted Server
plus weekly performance reports
High $55.00 monthly
$600.00 yearly
12 - Managed Services, per Hosted Server
plus weekly performance reports,
plus weekly Service Level Performance Report
Complex $65.00 monthly
$720.00 yearly

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