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Rapid, sucessful deployment - avoid the challanges that an in-house Messaging Solution deployment presents. Contract with us, and you have a SharePoint Server server up in 24hrs, ready to deploy.
Reduced capital expenditures - an in-house SharePoint Server does not just have upfront costs (in the thousands), but needs a budget to support and staff 24/7. With a managed server, the upfront costs are way down, and the support is just a fraction of what an in-house solution will cost.
You stay focused on your core business - with today's uncertain business climate, the last thing you need is the distraction of a cumbersome SharePoint server.
Document Processing - - - Just think - as soon as the hosted SharePoint is up (24hrs) you will be able to start moving all your Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, PowerPoint Presentation, your e-Mails, your PDF files into ONE space, without the hassel of conversion, for one-or-all to see, edit, and use.
Backup and Restore - the 'database' of SharePoint documents on your hosted server can be backed up by us, or by you.
Summarize, mine data - one of the greatest challenges in business is to get your hands on data you know is somewhere. A hosted SharePoint server HAS ALL THIS DATA; for you to look at it from a million different directions.
Server Farm - we all know that information is all around us, and is exploding. CNG Internet has the capability for your single SharePoint server to grow and grow, into clusters, and finally into Server Farms.
Web Applications - we are living in a 'connected' business world. Your data on the hosted SharePoint server needs to be shared with 'the outside' world. Via a Portal.

SharePoint Servers We will install Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, know as WSS 3.0, as well as Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010, earlier known as MOSS (2007).
Active Directory Install We will install an AD, either as a domain under (your) AD, or as a new Forest
Server Role We will install SharePoint as an 'inward' looking server, or an 'Internet' facing server; with all the right permissions and remote access capabilities
Starter Site We will install the standard SharePoint Starter site, and enhance SQL access as well as remote access as required by you
MOSS 2007 Search Offers your business an advanced search capability for all documents 'under' SharePoint.
MOSS 2007 Internet Sites Offers you the capability to have SharePoint 'face' the Internet, i.e. lets non-employees access some (or all) documents 'under' SharePoint; including create a document, or edit a document.
Access to Office Live Communication Server Creates a 'channel' to your (in-house) Communication server, allowing 'presence' information to be shared with all SharePoint users.
- Starter Templates We will install for you a set of ten templates, that you select from all the templates available on Microsoft's SharePoint site(s)
- Lists We will install a set of 5 unique lists, with all reqired user interfaces. These lists will be selected and defined by you (i.e. details such as sorts, filters, groupings, etc).
Service Packs will be applied from our WSUS (Windows Software Update Services) server; avoiding exposure to the Internet.


Name of Service Plan Complexity Service Management Fee
300 - Managed SharePoint Services on a Hosted Server Basic $45.00 monthly
$480.00 yearly
301 - Managed SharePoint Services on a Hosted Server
plus weekly performance reports
High $55.00 monthly
$600.00 yearly
302 - Managed ShrePoint Services on a Hosted Server
plus weekly performance reports,
plus weekly Service Level Performance Report
Complex $65.00 monthly
$720.00 yearly


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